We Bring
Delicious Food to You

Good Food and Stuff is a food hub where manufacturers have the opportunity to validate their business ideas and develop delicious new products.

Our mission is to create the opportunity for food lovers to explore new tastes and gastronomic cultures, enjoy a meal with their friends, and fell in love with the products.

Good Food and Stuff
is conceived as the concept that supports small producers of artisan food, and it aims to offer these products to good food lovers on international markets. It offers food lovers an opportunity to explore and try new tastes, to learn more about the local food culture worldwide and their production processes, and to make these products available for ordering and delivery through Amazon.com.

Through Good Food and Stuff brand we are focusing on lovers of good food and style, to which every meal is about enjoyment, friendship and sharing. If you like to explore new tastes, remember the old ones, explore new products and share your experience with other people, we are sure that you will enjoy what we have to offer.


Our values ​​are:

  • The secret of a good life is in good food
  • Good food connects people
  • Know your food
  • Integrity in what we do
  • Innovation and tradition

Through engagement in the promotion of gastronomic culture, visits to producers and farms, the interaction of producers and users, tastings and events, we are part of a social movement whose values ​​are reflected in the sustainability, caring for people and putting a smile on their face.


Good Food and Stuff is a brand of Kovoli.com d.o.o. for the USA market. Our product offer is provided in cooperation with our partners in the USA, AB company (importer of the products) and Tasty Europe (Amazon.com sales channel).