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Gurman sauces are made in Serbia at the crossroads between Europe and Asia where an unique fusion of gastro cultures was created. We bring you Gurman Chilito Hot Sauce, Gurman Chilito Sweet & Hot Sauce and Gurman Delish Spicy Plum BBQ Sauce.

Hungarian Paprika & Serbian Plum

Hungarian Wax Peppers we use to make our Gurman sauces look and taste as banana peppers but are much hotter like jalapeno pepper, ranging between 1,000 and 15,000 Scoville Heat Scale. It is only salted to preserve so the full aroma is added to the recipe.

Gurman Delish Spicy Plum BBQ Sauce is the innovation in the traditional Serbian food. Native Serbian plums are important part of local gastro culture as plum brandy, dried plums and condiment.

Who are we?

Gurman Sauces

Gurman sauces are inspired by the "Gourmet" cultural ideal, culinary art of good food and drink and associated with people of refined taste. They are made in Europe at the crossroads between Europe and Asia which both influenced the local cuisine: Leskovacki ajvar (roasted red pepper spread), Leskovacka muckalica (Pork & Paprika Stew), spice (ground dried paprika), fresh, roasted and marinated paprika for salad and BBQ (grilled and minced meat), fish stew, paprikash, beef, veal game or pork meat goulash. Paprika and plums have been cultivated for centuries and we continue this tradition with innovation brought to you by Gurman Chilito and Delish sauces.

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Add hotness and flavor to everything with Gurman Chilito Hot Sauce! Great as a table condiment, for meat and vegetable dishes, rice, eggs, barbeque, pizza, goulash, or stirred into ketchup and marinades.

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Gurman Chilito Hot and Sweet Sauce is a balanced combination of spices, honey and Hungarian wax peppers. Great for dipping or flavoring your fish, chicken wings, pork and beef ribs, spring rolls, noodles and vegetables.

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Gurman Delish Spicy Plum BBQ sauce delivers unique experience to barbeque and meat lovers.  The sauce is made from fresh native plums that are 80% of the sauce - mmm...delicious.

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